Get Monolith Linux

If you want to get the Monolith-Linux Distribution you can download directly from our download server or clone the source code via GIT repository. The GIT repository is a fresh setup, dont blame us if something is not up and running correctly, but feel free to contact us, if you consider something not working as expected.

Direct Download

Release Version
Release Version SHA512sum886f327bde88264ee47d7e475fe81208ea3766fc34af7dd33c66f176569c9f3f
Release Version MD5sumd3a55e433fe3382eeb81fbaec23c5128
Release Version Size (Bytes)402374701
Demo Template(s)
Demo Template(s) SHA512sum716eab59682e64008a2de9faa42d6af2f5c11cfbec51de70c978785df17ac770
Demo Template(s) MD5sum6c0b9ad4f695797dd1004017f3ad9cd3
Demo Template(s) Size (Bytes)12554
Building VM (Ubuntu 12.04) for XenServer® 6.2
already including Monolith Linux
and Monolith Linux Demo Template(s)
Building VM SHA512sum38337487a39764f7fc9f0cbd04a1d640268429cb9d740cb561dbdccd24091aa1
Building VM MD5sumdf2c7e57dae888015ff4522d8d8b6d38
Building VM Size (Bytes)3082264576


> main distribution
git clone
> demo templates
git clone


>>> hosted by apache webserver on gentoo hardened os